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Fighting Strength Fitness was born out of a need to increase my strength during my battle with cancer.  But you don’t just need “fighting strength” for cancer. You need it for life. Exercise keeps you healthy, sane, and can be your path back to good health and less medications. It’s not just good for the body, it’s good for the mind and the soul.


Let Fighting Strength Fitness help you build “Fighting Strength” for your life.


Hi, I'm Melanie Streng. I am a certified personal trainer and have an advanced qualification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.  I have been an athlete and coached others for the majority of my life. I understand that what may work for one person may not be the solution for another person.  I strive to understand each of my client’s circumstances and goals to create a program that works for them. Whatever your fitness level, I can help you achieve your fitness goals. I can provide you with an exercise program tailored to your unique and individual needs.

Melanie Streng

Having learned the importance of exercise early on as a competitive gymnast, it helped shape who I am today.  I began working as a gymnastics instructor in high school and discovered I had a passion for teaching and coaching.  I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and helping someone learn something new and helping them find an exercise program that works for their life.  Strength training is at the core of these programs, but we also focus on mobility and flexibility, balance, and cardio health.

  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Certified Personal Trainer

  • Cancer Exercise Training Institute, Cancer Exercise Specialist

  • Certified TRX Instructor

  • The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science, Psychology

  • Parkinson’s Disease Fitness Specialist

  • Dynamic Balance Training

  • Plant-Based Sports Nutrition

  • Strength Training for Older Adults

  • Current CPR/AED Certification


owner + ceo of fighting strength fitness

Melanie Streng Wake Boarding

I also love adventures!  Anything adrenaline-producing is generally good with me, especially if it includes water - being near it, being on it, being in it... wakeboarding, waterskiing, scuba diving, name it! 


My favorite adventure yet, though, is being  married to my soul mate; together we make up Team Streng.  We are both scuba divemasters and both hold US Coast Guard captain's licenses.  (It goes without saying that he shares my love of the water.) 

I became a vegetarian during chemotherapy.  I believe in Karma and the power of chocolate.  I love all animals, enjoy being out in nature and crave sunshine all the time. I worry about the environment and try to make good decisions in the products I buy and use.  My husband calls me the CFO of Team Streng, that would be the Chief FUN Officer!​


Navi Kaur


Hey, my name is Navi! I went to Ohio State to become a dietitian and trainer because my own journey with nutrition felt complex and overwhelming for a long time. As a Registered Dietitian now, I find so much joy in helping others replace their nutrition challenges with simple solutions. I love bringing nutrition education and behavior change techniques to help individuals create long-term, sustainable changes that move them towards their goals. I have experience working in weight management, sports nutrition, and digestive health, and am a powerlifter and food-lover myself. In my free time, I enjoy powerlifting, trying new recipes, and cuddling my dog, Cash! I can’t wait to get to know you and help you create positive changes in and out of the kitchen and gym!

  • Master's Degree in Kinesiology, Health and Exercise Science from Ohio State University

  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition, Dietetics from Ohio State University

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • Current CPR/AED Certification

  • Master’s Degree in Public Health from Ohio State University

  • Health Behavior and Health Promotion Specialty

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Nutrition from Ohio Wesleyan University

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Current CPR/AED Certification

Abby Bowman


Hi, I’m Abby! I got my NASM Personal Training Certificate while I was studying psychology and nutrition at Ohio Wesleyan University. I wanted to be able to round-out how I can best support individuals working towards improving their health. I was fortunate enough to later study in a Public Health Master’s Program at Ohio State, work as a Graduate Assistant in the kinesiology department, and now work as the Research Associate for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program there. This has all equipped me to really enjoy bringing well-rounded and effective nutrition and training strategies into people’s lives. I also enjoy powerlifting, coaching youth lacrosse, and helping individuals fall in love with physical activity throughout their journey. I’m excited to meet you and hopefully be a part of yours!



Hey there, I’m Raven, your dedicated trainer!  With a passion for fitness and a commitment to help you keep moving, I’m here to guide you on your fitness journey.  Over the years, I have surrounded myself with very knowledgeable Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers that focus on strength and stability for sustainable, long-lasting changes through effective workouts. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and played Division I Softball there. Now, I am a massage therapist, coach, and truly enjoy helping others improve their health. I know how hard working out can be, but I'm confident that together, we can unlock your full potential, boost your confidence, and lead a healthier, more active life.

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Eastern Michigan University

  • Licensed Massage Therapist 

  • Sports Massage Specialty

  • Physical Therapist Technician

  • Current CPR/AED Certification

  • DDSPhD,   University of Michigan

  • E-RYT@200 (Yoga Teacher Training)


  • Vinyasa and Reiki Level 2

  • Former Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Pilar Hita


I was born and raised in Southern Spain. After I graduated from dental school, I completed my residency in Oral Surgery and moved to the United States in 2006 to join the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Michigan as a faculty member. In 2012  a dear friend took me to my first yoga class. The practice grew on me slowly at first, but it quickly provided a place to find space and feel strong and confident in my body. It also helped me stay more even minded  and connect from a deeper perspective within and with others. I graduated from Yoga on High’s 200h teacher training program in Columbus, Ohio. I focus on strong Vinyasa yoga and enjoy exploring challenging ways to move the body! I obtained my Reiki certification there as well. Outside the studio, you will find me traveling, at the bottom of the sea, doing handstand shapes while listening to music and spending time with my family and friends.


CSA Headshot2_edited_edited.jpg

Carol Sauer Albright

Hi, I’m Carol, Columbus native and Ohio State University Physical Therapy Alum. Now, I treat orthopedic conditions with an emphasis on biomechanical analysis as it relates to overuse injuries and chronic pain, as well as acute injury assessment, post-op rehab and sports medicine. I have experience treating local sports teams including Columbus Crew, Columbus Blue Jackets, Team Rahal Racing and local law enforcement professionals. Running, walking, and overall movement analysis is an integral part of each patient’s evaluation and treatment strategies. My husband and I enjoy spending our free time boating and doing water sports, hiking, traveling and performance driving. 

  • Graduate of Ohio State University Physical Therapy Program

  • Bachelor’s of Science Allied Health Ohio State University

  • Clinical Instructor for physical therapy students

  • Current CPR and AED certification

  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Psychology from Ohio State University

  • Health Psychology, Communication & Behavior Change Focus

  • NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer

  • NCI-L1 Nutrition Coach Certification

Hey there, I'm Leah! I am originally from a small town in northwest Ohio, but moved to Columbus to pursue a degree in Human Psychology at Ohio State. I received my bachelor's there and ended up specializing in Health Psychology, Health & Science Communication, and Behavior Change while doing so. One of the things I am most passionate about in the wellness space is helping individuals become more confident in their ability to care for themselves. Fitness and nutrition can be daunting, but I'm a firm believer that everyone is capable of finding a good rhythm with a little bit of help. This has rang true for me, as well as the many 1-on-1 clients I've had the privilege of working with over the past few years!  When I'm not coaching or training, you can find me involved in some sort of creative endeavor, on a hiking trail, indoor climbing, or watching football!

Leah Baker

Leah baker

jen - FSF.jpeg

Jennifer Kuo

Hi, Jen here! I have grown up in the Columbus area since I was 5 years old. I began my yoga journey around 2010 as a casual hobby, but it escalated into a passion that brought me to complete my teacher training with a dear friend and fellow instructor in Marysville, Ohio. I like to practice a vinyasa style yoga that melds yoga with a functional, mobility focus.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and our two dogs (Tiny Tim-a not-so-tiny 125lb big boy, and Bodhi).  Besides staying active, I also enjoy crafting (from knitting to painting), and reading

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Ohio State University

  • Certified Yoga Instructor 

  • Current CPR and AED certification

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Feel better + get stronger with 3 monthly program options. Tailored to what you need & where you are on your fitness journey, our team will help you move closer to your goals- online or in-person.

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Help your employees get healthier, perform better, and increase overall job satisfaction. With proven ROI in hard costs, company outcomes, and employee satisifaction, our team would love to build and implement a customized program for your business.

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