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Fighting Strength

Fighting Strength Fitness was born out of a need to increase my strength during my battle with cancer.  But you don’t just need “fighting strength” for cancer. You need it for life. Exercise keeps you healthy.  Exercise keeps you sane. Exercise can be your path back to good health and less medications. It’s not just good for the body, it’s good for the mind and the soul.


Let Fighting Strength Fitness help you build “Fighting Strength” for your life.


Hi, I'm Melanie Streng. I am a certified personal trainer and have an advanced qualification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.  I have been an athlete and coached others for the majority of my life. I understand that what may work for one person may not be the solution for another person.  I strive to understand each of my client’s circumstances, goals and create a program that works for them. Whatever your fitness level, I can help you achieve your fitness goals. I can provide you with an exercise program tailored to your unique and individual needs.


Hear from




"I completed 3 months of personal training with Melanie. I was so weak and felt like I couldn’t do anything when I started. 3 months later I went to Italy and walked 5-10 miles a day and climbed lots of steps and felt great. I would have never been able to enjoy this trip without her. I can even get on the floor to play with grandkids again and carry them around with no issues. The best thing though is she made me feel alive again. She was awesome when I was down and having a bad day she made me feel better and continued to push me. I recommend her to everyone before and after breast surgeries. She really knows what is best for your body during this process."

"Melanie of Fighting Strength Fitness does a great job calibrating workouts that keep me challenged and motivated.  The exercises are convenient to do at home and the variety keeps me interested.  She keeps my individual goals in mind and holds me accountable.  I find that I push myself more knowing that someone’s monitoring my progress.  I love seeing the results."


"This is the fitness support I have been looking for all of my life! Finally, a trainer who really listens and develops a program specifically for my needs. I love both the in-person and the online options, they allow for the flexibility of my life and are even fun. I would highly recommend."


"You’ll never know the impact and influence you’ve made for me. Your approach and encouragement lit a fire for me.  Now I know I just can’t give up!"


"I love how my body is tingling with renewed connections and strength! Feeling wonderful! Thank you!"


As an experienced triathlete, I felt I was doing enough exercise through my running, biking and swimming. What I didn’t realize until I started working with Melanie is that I was neglecting my smaller muscle groups, core strength and overall flexibility. After starting with Fighting Strength Fitness, I am seeing improvements in my swim, bike and run! And what’s even better is I’m finding I’m recuperating from my training faster than I was before.

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