21 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 8! Woo Hoo!!! 1 week down, 2 to go.  You got this.  21 minutes of deliberate exercise every day.  Even if you aren't doing my exercises exactly, it's okay as long as it is deliberate and challenging your muscles and stamina.

High Knees Running in Place - Here's the cardio move of the day.  Run in place and work to get your knees up high - like higher than 90 degrees.  You must engage your abs to make this work.  If a minute is too long, try part of the minute with high knees and finish out the rest with a regular jog. If running isn't for you, do this as an exaggerated high knees march. Plank Shoulder Taps - I love this anti-rotation move. Start in a high plank, pull your abs in and squeeze your glutes as tight as you can. Pick up one hand and touch it to the opposite shoulder. The goal is to be able to touch your shoulder without the rest of your body moving.  This gets a little easier with your feet in a wider stance.  The video shows my hips moving side to side more than they should (I blame my camera man and this being the 100th take). If I were coaching myself I would tell me to move my feet apart just a little and then squeeze my abs and glutes harder to stop the movement.  Modifications include trying these on your knees or just trying to barely pick your hand off the floor while keeping your body tight.  All other plank modifications from previous workouts can be substituted as well. V-Ups - These are hard!  Ideal form is to start in a hollow body hold and rise up to a "V" position with hands over head and reaching toward your toes with straight legs. Did I mention these are hard?  Mine were looking pretty darn ugly by the end of the 21 minutes! If a straight leg v-up is not happening, bend your knees and bring your hands down by your sides.  Any variation of a sit-up or crunch will count as a modification.  The modification video also shows a chair version with straight leg lifts.  Find a version that works for you.   ​This is another tough workout.  But you are one tough cookie!  Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!   ~Melanie

Video of exercises

Video of modifications


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