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21 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 is here! Yesterday was a nice gentle recovery day. Today we do BURPEES!  Don't worry, I have modifications available if you need them.  You got this! Do your best and it will always be good enough.

Burpees - the mother of all cardio moves! We love to hate them, but they are so powerful! In my video, you will see my version of what I call the "sloppy burpee." I do these when I want maximum cardio benefit and don't care about the strict push-up.  These go all the way down to your belly as fast as you can and then push up, jump up to your feet and jump into the air as quickly as you can. Full body move! You can also do strict burpees a little slower with a full, technically correct push-up.  Other modifications include jumping back to a plank but not going all the way to the ground or stepping back into the plank and stepping forward (be sure to alternate which foot steps back and forward each time).  

X Marks the Spot Crunch - lying on your back, stretch your arms and legs out to form an "X." Raise the opposite arm to the opposite leg for a cross crunch.  Work to try to lift your head and shoulders off the ground each time.  To modify, leave your head and shoulders on the ground and reach for the opposite leg.  Legs can be straight or bent.  Modifications video also shows a chair version.

Wall Sit - Find a clear wall and sit in a pretend chair with your back pressed firmly to the wall.  The goal is to form a 90 degree angle at your knees and hips. In other words, your thighs should be parallel to the floor.  Modify by not sitting as low.  Also, if you can't make 60 seconds at a time, do multiple sets of shorter time until you get to 60 seconds total. Today is a tough one.  But so are you.  You can do it!  Let me know how it goes and keep sharing those victory pics! ​~Melanie

Video of exercises

Video of exercises with modifications


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