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21 Day Challenge - Day 4

Jump Rope - If you have one, great!  If not, pretend!  Check out my modifications video for some alternatives.  Pretty awesome with a jump rope?  Make them double unders!  I want to see videos - show me your jumps! Side Planks Leg Lifts - if you can, support yourself in a low side plank with your bottom knee down for support.  If this is too much, do these lying on your side and lift the top leg.  Keep your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your heel.  Do not bend at the waist.  If getting down on the floor is too much today, these can also be done standing.  Check out the modifications video. Thrusters - these are overhead shoulder presses with a little squat and momentum as an added bonus.  Use the momentum of your squat to help propel those weights overhead.  No weights in the house?  Use 2 water bottles, canned goods, books or anything with a little bit of weight that you can push over your head.  This move can also be done with no weights at all. Keep posting those victory pics!  I love seeing and hearing about your workouts! Great job everyone. Thanks for being here. ​~Melanie

Video showing exercises.

Video showing possible modifications.


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