21 Day Challenge - Day 3

We are all in different places on our fitness journeys. Some of you are athletes and need do these workouts with extra weights and at a faster pace. Some of you have fallen off the workout wagon and this is a good reset. Others have never done anything like this, or maybe you never thought you could do something like this 21 Day Challenge. I love that you are ALL here. My workouts can be modified to be more challenging or adapted to all types of different circumstances. Please reach out if you need help modifying these workouts. Let’s keep moving!

Squat Jumps - advanced move is to squat all the way down, touch the floor and jump as high as you can into the air with your arms over your head.  Excellent cardio move!  Modifications can range between that and mini knee bends with no jump.  Listen to what your body can do.  You can do squat reaches (no jump), or you can do a smaller squat with a jump but don't go all the way to floor. The modifications video shows a knee bend to a bench and then going up on your toes for a heel raise instead of the jump.  If squats aren't your friend today, march in place with high knees.  Just keep moving. Walking Planks - This is a tough move.  If you don't have a good plank, then just do plank holds.  Aim for 30 seconds to hold and complete at least 3 holds.  If you haven't done planks before, try just a 5-10 second hold.  Modifications video shows a high plank (on hands) and a low plank (on your forearms).  The most important thing when doing these plank moves is to keep your abs engaged and pulled in.  If you feel your back start to arch, push your butt higher in the air.  The ultimate goal of planks is to have a straight body from shoulders to heels, but a piked version is better than a swayed back.  Progress is more important than perfection.  If planks on the floor are a bit much, try the high plank on a bench or kitchen counter.  As long as you keep your abs engaged, you are doing good.

Dead Bugs - one of my favorite anti-rotation moves!  This one is kind of tricky, but not terribly hard.  The important thing is to keep your lower back firmly pressed against the floor.  Slowly lower one arm and the opposite leg towards the floor while your other two "insect legs" remain stationary.  Brings those back to the start position and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.  Go as low as you can go towards the floor (without touching the floor) all while keeping your back glued to the floor.  If it starts to come up, reduce your range of motion and don't go as far.  Even small movements are effective for this one. You got this!  Only 21 minutes each day!  Keep Going! ​~Melanie

This video shows each exercise.

This video shows some modification options.


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