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21 Day Challenge - Day 21

Day 21 is finally here! Time to celebrate!!!

Today is a tough one, but come on... it's Day 21!! What did you expect?!

Burpee Supermans - remember burpees from Day 6? They're back with an added Superman thrown in for fun! Start with a jump reaching for the sky, squat down, place your hands flat on the ground and jump your feet back to a plank. Lower your body all the way down and lift your arms and legs into a quick superman. Push yourself back up to a high plank, jump your feet to your hands and jump up reaching for the sky again. These should definitely get your heart rate up. Modify by slowing it down. Step back into the plank (be sure to alternate which foot leads each time), go to your knees to lower yourself down into superman, push back up to your knees and step back up to reach for the sky (jump or no jump).

Single Leg Box Squats - balance and strength challenge! Stand in front of a chair, bench, or step. The lower the surface, the harder this move will be. Raise one leg up balancing on the other leg. Slowly lower yourself to the surface and sit with all of your weight keeping your one leg lifted. Shift your weight forward as you return to a standing position on one leg without using your hands to push you up. Repeat for 10 reps and then switch legs. Modify this move by resting the heel of your other foot in front of your standing foot. Try to keep 90% of your weight in the back foot and just use the front foot to assist with balance.

Scissors - super slow for super abs! This exercise is done lying on your back with arms overhead or down by your sides. Lift your head and shoulders and your legs slightly off the ground forming a hollow body hold. Keeping your lower back pressed to the floor, raise one straight leg up towards the ceiling while keeping the other leg a few inches off the ground. Pause in the position and then slowly "scissor" your legs by switching your legs. These are tough. If you can't keep your low back pushed to the floor, try lowering your shoulders to the floor and raise both legs higher toward the ceiling. Find the angle to hold your legs that challenges your abs but allows you to keep good form. Slow and steady for this exercise.

Now that the #21DayChallenge is over, you should be well on your way to solidifying a great new habit of deliberately exercising Every. Single. Day. Take tomorrow as a recovery day - go for a walk or jog, do yoga or pilates, something deliberately active for at least 20 minutes.

Congratulations on completing the 21 Day Challenge! You are awesome! You now have over 60 different exercises at your disposal to use in future workouts. What were your favorites? Which one was the hardest for you?


Video showing exercises

Video showing exercise modification options


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