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21 Day Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 has us skating, driving and saving the world!

Speed Skaters - time to channel your inner Apolo Ohno for this one. It's a plyometric move with the focus on lateral movement. You are going to start by leaping sideways. As you land, bing your other foot behind your foot in a curtsy position, bend the leg you landed on as you reach for the ground. Then propel yourself off that leg as you leap back to the other side and "curtsy squat" on the other side. This is your cardio move, so if your form is good, pick up the pace and keep that lateral leap as big as you can. To modify this move, slow it down a little. If reaching to the floor is too much, touch your opposite knee each time. Just keep moving side to side.

Steering Wheels - remember when we used to drive all the time? Yeah, those were the days... This one starts out easy and then becomes a shoulder burner. The advanced move uses a dumbbell or something with some weight, but this move can be done with something as light as a paper plate. Stand tall and engage your abs. Extend your arms straight in front of you and rotate your "steering wheel" 90 degrees to the left and then 180 degrees back to the right. Keep rotating your arms back and forth for 60 seconds. If you need to reduce your weight midway through, that is no problem. Just keep those abs tight! A dinner plate or a magazine are good substitutions for a dumbbell.

Superman Bananas - you already know how to do supermans from Day 11. This move adds in a banana, otherwise known as a hollow hold. Start in your superman hold and hold for 10 seconds, then roll to your back, engage every core muscle you have and hold a curved banana position for another 10 seconds. The most important part of the banana is to keep your lower back pushed firmly to the floor. If you feel it start to come up, raise your legs a little higher or modify by bending your knees and bringing your arms down by your sides. Bonus points if you can roll from superman to banana and back to superman without pushing off your arms or legs. Alternate between the superman and banana for 60 seconds.

You are going to feel like Superman when you get through this workout! You got this! You are doing great!


Video showing exercises

Video showing exercise modifications


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