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21 Day Challenge - Day 17

Day 17 is going to leave you feeling powerful and well balanced.

Bench Hop Overs - this is one of my favorite plyo moves. I like using a bench so that you actually have a target to jump up and over. If you don't have a bench that works, use a chair pressed against a wall so that it won't move on you. Place your hands on your bench or chair, contract your abs and jump from one side to the other. Make sure you are using your abs and pushing down through your arms to pull your hips and legs up high as you jump side to side. This should engage your whole body, not just your legs as you jump. You will see two different tempos in the videos. Choose what works for you or mix it up with a combination (8 fast, 4 slower, 8 fast). To modify this move, use the end of a bench or a chair pressed against a wall and hop side to side with less height and a slower tempo.

Balance Overhead Presses - mixes a strength move with a balance challenge. Stand on one foot and raise your opposite knee. Using dumbbells or another form of weights (canned goods, bottles of wine, books, etc.) press your arms up and complete 10 shoulder presses while maintaining your balance on one leg. Repeat for 10 on the other leg. You will have to keep your abs engaged to make this exercise work. To modify, still stand on one foot but then lightly put your toes on the ground a little bit in front of your other foot. Don't put much weight on the foot, but allow your toes to help anchor you for balance help while you do the overhead presses. If you are struggling with maintaining balance, be sure to find a spot in front of you at eye level and focus on that spot and it should help.

Plank Hip Dips - super duper core challenge! Start in a low plank and dip your left hip towards the ground. Without touching the ground, pull your body back to a low plank position and then dip your right hip towards the ground. Keep your abs and glutes tight and absolutely no arching of your back. If you feel an arch starting, push your butt up a little higher and keep going. To modify you may do a reduce range of motion with less of a hip dip on each side or simply work on your low plank holds for 30 seconds.

These are some advanced moves, but you can do this! Use the modifications as needed and get those 21 minutes done!


Video showing exercises

Video showing exercise modifications


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