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21 Day Challenge - Day 15

Wow! Look how far we have come! 2 weeks down, only 1 to go. We so got this! Today is tough, but also a little bit of fun mixed in.

Switch Kicks - keep your elbows tucked in by your sides and your abs engaged. Lift one foot up in the air and then switch legs as you snap kick your other leg up. This is your cardio move today, so ideally there should be a hop as you switch leg to leg. For the kick, lead with your knee and then "snap" your foot up. To modify you can do a lower kick or remove the jump and do marching snap kicks. This one is tougher than it looks, but if 30 seconds is easy, aim for 60 seconds at a time.

Low Plank Forward Rocks - start in a low plank position with tight abs and tight glutes. Slowly push from your toes and rock forward over your elbows. Push back from your forearms to the starting position and repeat. Keep this move slow and controlled. Abs must stay engaged. If you start to lose your straight body form, push your butt up in the air a little bit and keep going. This slight pike position is always better than letting your back arch and your belly sag. Another way to modify this move is to hold a steady low plank. Hold as long as you can, rest, then hold again until you reach a total of 60 seconds (ex: 3x20sec).

Bear Crawl - here's where the fun comes in! Start in a crawling position on all fours. Engage your abs, keep a flat back, and raise your knees off the ground just an inch or two. Now "crawl" forward moving your opposite hand and foot at the same time. Do 5-10 steps forward, then the same number of steps backwards. This one challenges so many muscle groups plus your coordination skills. To modify, try this move with your butt way up in the air.

Today's workout should really challenge your core muscles. Your abs will thank you when you are done! Channel your inner bear and make it happen!


Video of exercises

Video of modifications


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