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21 Day Challenge - Day 14

Day 14 is a recovery day! This does not mean it's time to binge watch the next whatever.  A recovery day means you take a break from what you have been doing every day and do something different today.

Find 21 minutes today and be active.  A brisk walk is an easy one. Yoga is a fantastic option and feels so good!  You Tube is filled with yoga videos if you need some structure. If yoga isn't your thing, just stretch. You can also go back and repeat Day 5.

My personal favorite of the examples above is the dance party.  The only equipment required is your favorite upbeat music. I just had a dance party for one in my living room.  Yes, I felt silly at first.  And then I realized no one was watching and it felt really good. The most amazing thing is how I felt after.  I feel soooooo good! Exercise always boosts my mood, but the dancing today took it to another level.  I'm still dancing in my chair as I type this.  If you are a Pandora listener, I love the "Running Radio" station for good dance music.  I'd love to hear your favorite dance party selections!  What are you dancing to?

It doesn't matter what you do on recovery days as long as it is a sustained 21 minutes (at least) of deliberate movement.  Listen to your body and what it is needing.

Thanks so much for being on this 21 Day Challenge with me.  Please share those victory pics!


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