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21 Day Challenge - Day 11

It's day 11 and that means we have made it to the half way point!  We are crushing it!

Squat Jacks- Similar to a jumping jack but with way more quad burn!  The idea is to jump your legs together and apart while maintaining a low squat position.  The lower you can do these, the more burn you are going to feel.  I hated these the first time I tried them, but as I got a little stronger I started to enjoy them. Modify with jumping jacks or your variation of a jumping jack.

Dumbbell Punches- Grab some small dumbbells (or water bottles, canned goods, etc.), bend your knees slightly, and tighten your abs. And then punch, punch, punch! We are keeping our core super-tight on this one with no twisting motion. Don't over extend your reach on the punches. Your elbow should still have a slight bend in it as you punch. Your arms will be on fire after this, but I want you to feel it in your core, too.  Keep those abs tight the whole time.  Modify by doing the same move without weights.  It's also okay to start with weights and go to body weight as you progress through the workout.

Superman Swimmers- This one can be a bit of a challenge on your coordination skills.  Start on your belly, squeeze your glutes and lift your legs, arms and upper torso off the ground. Now start "swimming" by raising your opposite arm and leg higher and then switching to the other arm and leg. As Dory would say, "just keep swimming." These are rather advanced, especially if you are not familiar with the superman exercise.  If the swimming is too much, try for superman holds.  Check out the modification video for the technique and work on holding the position as long as you can until it adds up to 30 seconds.

​Half Way Baby! I think this calls for a celebratory dance! Keep it up team!


Video of exercises

Video of modifications


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