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21 Day Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 is so much fun! Try to do today's workout outside if the weather is cooperating.  I promise that even if it is cold outside, this workout will heat you up!

Shuttle Run- Here's your cardio move today and it's a doozy! Run as fast as you can between 2 objects or a line on the floor. Bend down to touch the floor at each end and sprint back and forth for a full minute. The shuttle run is way more fun when you can build up some speed and run little farther.  The ideal distance is around 10 meters. That being said, I did the video inside to show you it can be done without much space.  Modify by jogging between the two markers.  Speed walking works, too - just make sure it is getting your heart rate up.

Standing Cross Crunches- Standing crunches today in case you are able to do this workout outside.  Stand tall with fingertips by your ears and elbows out. Bring your left knee towards your right elbow and then alternate sides.  You should feel this exercise the most in your obliques so make sure you are twisting as you crunch.  You may modify with a smaller range of motion or bringing your arms down and focusing on the twist as you raise your knee.

Goal Post Arm Flys- Dumbbells, water bottles, canned goods or nothing at all works for this move.  Stand tall and put your arms in a "goal post" position - elbows straight out from your shoulders, 90 degree bend in your elbow and hands reaching upward.  Squeeze your elbows toward each other while keeping your arms at the same height. You should feel this in your shoulders and chest as you squeeze your arms together.  Return to starting position. You don't need weights to feel this one as long as you are contracting your chest muscles on the squeeze. If you have shoulder issues, you may lower your elbows to a comfortable height for this exercise.

​Go get it!


Video of exercises

Video of modifications


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