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21 Day Challenge - Day 1

Super basic exercises to start, but basic doesn’t mean easy. Set a timer for 21 minutes and start with 21 squats, then 21 pushups and 21 sit-ups. Squats - Feeling strong? Go deep with the squats, maybe even add some weights. Never done lots of squats? Start easy and do mini knee bends. Something in between? That’s okay too. Find what works for you. Listen to your body and adjust as you go. The goal is to deliberately exercise for 21 minutes.  If you need a break, take a break. You can always pause your timer.  Push-ups - when your form goes bad, it’s time to move to the modifications - you can do them on your knees, but I prefer doing them elevated on a step, bench or the wall.  Sit-ups - try doing them without anything holding your feet (uses more ab muscles to hold your feet down on your own). Modify to crunches as needed. Do not lock your hands behind your head.  Thanks for joining me on the 21 Day Challenge! You got this!   ~Melanie

Watch this video to see the exercises.

This video shows some modifications to the exercises.  Pace yourself!  Push-ups against a wall are still effective.


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