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Breast Cancer Survivors


When I heard “You have Cancer,” I not only became a survivor, I became committed to helping others get through the c-word fight with fitness. In my experience as both a survivor and a Cancer Exercise Specialist, regular exercise, strength training, and movement can have a huge impact on recovery, physical and emotional well-being, and the confidence needed to kick cancer’s ass.

Made especially for people battling, beating and surviving breast cancer, the training and stretching guides you'll find here are for cancer fighters and survivors at any point in their cancer and fitness journeys.




I became a cancer survivor at the age of 38 as soon as I heard the words "You have cancer."

As I underwent treatment for breast cancer, it became clear to me that my fitness level was an advantage.  The fact that I was strong before surgery helped me heal faster from a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Any small amount of exercise I did during chemotherapy helped me feel better - physically and emotionally.  Going to physical therapy after surgery was a huge advantage on my road to recovery. Seeing how dramatically fitness and strength training impacted my own journey has inspired me to help others on their cancer journey.

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